Happy to announce that we're finally open...

We're a young startup looking to improve people's lives one room at a time. We're passionate about home decor and the joy it can bring from making a home a place you have to be to a home where you want to be.

However, we know with life's challenges that can be easier said then done. But, we plan on changing that. How? By saving you time, money and most of all frustration! Every item on our site will be handpicked for its quality and beauty. We will only curate items we ourselves would be proud to display in our own homes. Being a young business and primarily with an online presence, we have the advantage of being able to bring you decor items at the best possible value. Oh and did I mention all of our shipping is free? Who want's to pay for shipping? We certainly don't, so why should you?

We've been asked what was the inspiration behind Admired Decor? It came about from doing our own online shopping for home decor. My biggest gripe was how every decor site was trying to be everything to everyone. Literally pages and pages of items. Which in our opinion, many of the items where not worth having. Of course being a large retailer you're serving a broader audience, so having as many SKU's as possible is the name of the game 'spray & pray' as it was described to be.  And yes, by adopting a more exclusive strategy we'll discourage some customers from shopping with us. But honestly speaking, we're OK with that. Unless we truly love an item, we will not showcase it on our site. Never.

Now here's the rub. We have the utmost confidence that we will provide you with high quality, beautiful decor items at the best possible value. But what we can't promise is that they'll be delivered to you the fastest. As we grow and mature we hope to improve upon this. Until then, we ask that you're patient with us.

If you're OK with beautiful decor items delivered to you at the best possible value, with the highest degree of honest customer care, and are willing to wait a little longer - then you've come to the right place.

- Welcome to Admired Decor :)