Our Story

Our Story Admired Decor

We're decor enthusiasts and share a passion for what we do. We belief that passion should resonate throughout every aspect of our service to you, our valued customer.  

Admired Decor was born from the most basic of principles; that only home furnishings of the highest aesthetic would be brought to market. Simply put, we only offer pieces we ourselves would be proud to adorn within our own home.  

The concept for our store was developed back in 2013 and later founded in 2014. Our source of inspiration was realized through a series of disenchanted experiences with other online retailers. To that end, we only source top quality products and deliver them to you with the utmost of care and attention.

Headquartered near Vancouver, British Columbia we're dedicated to showcasing our website with the latest in home decor trends at the best possible value. We invite you to visit us frequently as we continually refine our store.

Gisela Gomez, Co-founder & Decor Enthusiast